Who’s In Our Rock Star Entourage?

Rock Star Marketing’s ripple effect of joy has made a huge splash in the auto repair industry! Rock Star Marketing is delighted to have an entourage of partners, clients, and friends who work with us to make a positive impact in our world.

We would not be the successful digital marketing agency that we are if it weren’t for the love, support, and good mojo from our partners and friends in the automotive industry, including:

    •    Many wonderful auto repair shops across the United States

    •    Automotive Coaching & Training Group

    •    BIMRS Management & Technical Training

    •    Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

    •    KUKUI

    •    RLO Training

    •    VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo

Want to hang out with the Rock Stars, too? Join us! To learn more about Rock Star Marketing and the digital marketing services we provide, schedule a free consultation by contacting Jennifer Filzen at jennifer@rock-star-mktg.com or call 408-833-9868.

Rock Star Marketing is here to serve.