Re-Organizing for a Stronger Business

I was inspired to re-organize Rock Star Marketing so I could make my business stronger, and offer better services to my clients.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to expand and streamline my marketing services so my clients can get a broader presence in the market place. We have plans to create an email announcing our new services, but I thought I’d give our blog readers a preview of what’s coming.

Often, I promote our business to clients and take care of their current needs.  However, I confess, that I forget to let my clients…both existing and future…all the services we can provide them down the road.

Here’s what we are offering in our 3 divisions under Rock Star Marketing:

Online Marketing

  • Website design or rebuild
  • SEO website content
  • Blog writing
  • Facebook and Twitter management
  • YouTube channel management


  • Cold calls
  • Touch calls with existing customers
  • Survey calls
  • Schedule appointments

Booking/Brand Management

  • Schedule events
  • Schedule tours
  • Public personal outreach
  • Networking events

That’s the structure of the 3 divisions within Rock Star Marketing…and I’m working on a new website, email and telemarketing campaign to announce to the public what we’re up to.

So, why am I sharing this with you?  Well, I’m doing it to check in with you and ask you about your marketing strategy for 2012.

What is your existing marketing strategy for your business?

Do you have more clients than you can handle?  If so, it looks like your marketing plan doesn’t need tweaking.

If you still need new customers paying you for your services, ask yourself the same questions I did for my own business:

  1. Does my website look fresh and is it current?
  2. Am I staying on top of my advertising outreach in print, social media, radio, and video?
  3. Based on the number of new customers I’m getting, does it justify the cost of my marketing dollars spent in those areas?
  4. Is my website appearing on the first page of Google?  If not, am I adequately Search Engine Optimized on my website and social media posts?

If you find there are some weak links in your marketing strategy, contact us. We frequently give free advice for simple answers, but we can certainly help you if you have a marketing task that will take longer than a couple of hours.

Contact us any time for marketing help of any sort at or 831-324-0816.

Online Marketing Is Our Specialty!